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The Chasm ... Is Closed ─ The organizers at the recent Hadoop Summit had Geoffery Moore author of "Crossing the Chasm" as a keynote speaker presumably to explain away the fact that there were relatively few enterprises speaking about their Hadoop projects. The enterprise adoption of Hadoop is not as visible as hoped, compared to the lightening rod adoption of Hadoop by high trafficked Web sites. Moore did a fine job and of course talked about the chasm effect with the early majority of the market patiently sitting by and watching what the early adopters are doing.... More >>

Death of the Salesman? ─ There is an ongoing argument in Silicon Valley about the relevance of having an outside (read expensive) sales force. Some venture investors have told us that they will no longer fund any companies needing outside sales and instead will seek out "freemium sales models" as the primary sales channel. There are two sides for this story. On one hand, outside sales forces can be expensive, can have runaway costs if the hiring plan is either too early or too late and is not as effective as in the past. ... More >>

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