About Us

Internet Research Group provides marketing and strategy research reports and consulting services, specializing in areas related to Internet infrastructure. Internet offerings combine the formidable and unique experience and perspective of its principal – John Katsaros..

John has been an active participants in the computer and communications business for over 30 years. Educated as an engineer. John has spent his career in high-tech sales and marketing and has written two books on marketing and sales.

In 1993 John formed what became the Internet Research Group, a consulting practice focused on assisting Internet ventures. Internet Research Group developed innovative methodologies, capable of giving actionable marketing and strategy advice within 6-8 week projects.

At the core of Internet Research Group’s success and our continuing work, is the concept and practice of Expert Interviews. Put simply, when trying to investigate new opportunities in a high-reward, rapidly moving environment, nothing is better than talking to the best experts you can find – someone doing something like it now. There is a lot of craft in determining who to talk to, what to ask them, and how to ask it. But the results are clear. You learn a lot more from 50 careful interviews than from a poll of 10,000 who don’t have experience with what you’re interested in.

In 1997 John extendes research that Internet Research Group had done earlier in Internet caching and produced the first comprehensive, multi-client study of the caching market. The report utilized the Internet Research Group Expert Interview techniques; John’s marketing insight in computer systems and networking. The result was a clear and comprehensive view of this emerging market, with an early forecast of the significant revenue potential.

In 1998, IRG followed their early work with a series of research studies covering infrastructure including Traffic Management, Content Distribution, WAN networking and Security.

Internet Research Group builds on what the original Internet Research Group had done (The original Internet Research Group was sold to Jupiter Research in early 2000. John subsequently started NetsEdge Research Group which, in 2005, was renamed the Internet Research Group). Our assets include the Internet Research Group methodologies and background in key Internet infrastructure areas, as well as the extensive, deep and broad John’s experience. IRG will continue to center its efforts in the general area of Internet security – how do organizations build effective information security systems. Additionally, IRG undertakes strategic business and marketing consulting projects. In both cases, IRG will utilize Expert Interviews research methodologies, and build on their respected position and contacts in these important industry segments.

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