WAN Performance

Toward the end of 2002 we noticed many sectors of networking products were on the decline still suffering from the dot com bust with the resulting decrease in demand for networking capital equipment.  One bright spot, however, was with WAN Accel­eration appliances — WAN Accel­eration appliances grew signif­i­cantly despite the aftermath of the recession.  The number of vendors in this space also increased during this same time period — originally Expand and Peribit were actively pursuing customers running Citrix appli­cations.  Many new vendors entered the field including Riverbed and Cisco.

After the Internet Bubble burst, many large organi­zations realized that they needed to provide better connec­tivity to their branch offices - the place where they come in contact with their customers (initially users focused on improving network connec­tivity to inter­na­tional branches with domestic branch offices quickly following).  This market has continued to grow as the products have become more capable and, with the virtu­al­ization of the endpoints, many new and exciting appli­cations can run on this framework.

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