Sometimes it’s painful to remember back in the 90’s when Infra­structure IPO’s were happening so fast that you couldn’t keep score. April 2012 is our “Back to the Future” moment as we get ready for three companies in their final stages for their IPO’s — S1’s are filed, preliminary prices are set — hopefully the Spanish housing debacle doesn’t sour the market. They’re almost there. Additionally, firewall maker Palo Alto Networks filed its S1 this month so it may soon follow. Our white paper “Big Traffic and the WAN” can be found here.

April, 2012 Infra­structure Potential IPO’s

Company Initial Share Price Estimate Number of Shares to Sell Potential Amount Raised Valuation Potential 2011 Revenue
InfoBlox $12 to $14 5.7M $125M $616M $132.8M
ProofPoint $10 to $12 6.2M $68M $354M $59M – first 9 months
Splunk $8 to $10 13.5M $130M $925M $121M