IS THIS the best of times OR THE worst of times. Already there have been some liquidity events in the Big Data arena — in April VMware announced its acquisition of Cetas software — a Palo Alto based Big Data Analytics startup — before Cetas had shipped its first products. And in early May, Cisco acquired Truviso — a Foster City based startup providing real-time network data analytics. In both cases the financial terms were not disclosed. The sixty four dollar question that everyone is asking — what’s the valuation of Big Data analytics firms. There are a bunch of them out there and more on the way. In the past, Cisco has been generous when it comes to acquiring companies in a space it wants to enter. So Cisco’s Truviso acquisition would make you believe that valuations are likely to be high. VMware on the other hand has typically been frugal with many of its smaller acquisitions. So does this push down valuations? Maybe not — in the Cetas case there may have been some urgency to plant a stake in the Big Data space). So the question of how much will Big Data analytics firms be valued if and when acquired is still not known. It is interesting that Big Data analytics space has already begun a consolidation of sorts. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s next.