The orga­niz­ers at the recent Hadoop Sum­mit had Geof­fery Moore author of “Cross­ing the Chasm” as a keynote speaker pre­sum­ably to explain away the fact that there were rel­a­tively few enter­prises speak­ing about their Hadoop projects. The enter­prise adop­tion of Hadoop is not as vis­i­ble as hoped, com­pared to the light­en­ing rod adop­tion of Hadoop by high traf­ficked Web sites. Moore did a fine job and of course talked about the chasm effect with the early major­ity of the mar­ket patiently sit­ting by and watch­ing what the early adopters are doing. Every­one that we speak with who is in a posi­tion of work­ing with enter­prise Hadoop users says that there is a tremen­dous amount of enter­prise inter­est and activ­ity even though there are only a hand­ful of enter­prises that are talk­ing about their Hadoop plans in pub­lic. But one does have to won­der how rel­e­vant Chas­mism is in today’s tech­nol­ogy world. Twenty years ago tech­nol­ogy adop­tion by con­sumers and busi­nesses took time — lots of time. In 1994/1995, it took 18 months for the first mil­lion DirecTV units to be sold. But today it takes only hours to pass the mil­lion mark — the iPhone 4S reached a mil­lion in less than 24 hours after its release in Octo­ber. It’s hard to believe that only five years have passed since the intro­duc­tion of the iPhone which has been a tremen­dous cat­a­lyst for chang­ing the way we use tech­nol­ogy. Twenty years ago the chasm was cre­ated by peo­ple resist­ing change. Today every­one pays atten­tion to new tech­nol­ogy devel­op­ments and enthu­si­as­ti­cally exper­i­ments with new devices and ser­vices. Every­one is an early adopter rac­ing to be the first on their block to sport a shiny new device. The chasm has been replaced by the land grab — how many users can you sign up in the short­est period of time. For con­sumer related prod­ucts — how fast can you get to a mil­lion users? For busi­nesses focused prod­ucts the land grab is — how many and how fast can you sign up the For­tune 500? How does this relate to Hadoop? Those groups that are wait­ing for Hadoop to cross the chasm may be wast­ing valu­able time and instead should exam­ine Splunk’s rapid rise sign­ing 4,000 Big Data cus­tomers with­out wait­ing for chasms to be crossed. It may be that the ini­tial use cases for enter­prise Big Data are hap­pen­ing faster for things like what Splunk does (Google type search query sit­ting in front of a mas­sive amount of machine gen­er­ated data), than for other types of data.