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Spam Control Market Share Battle Will Be Over in
18 Months, Says Internet Research Group

Los Altos, Calif., June 2, 2002 – Spam is an annoyance that’s getting worse by the day, but over time spam control won’t be something that people pay a lot of money for, according to a new study by Internet Research Group (IRG). Today spam is a very real problem and a growing one, but it’s one that diminishes in visibility and importance in two years.

The study, titled Spam Control: Neither Silver Bullets Nor A Pot of Gold, is based on research conducted by IRG into the technologies involved with blocking spam “right” and today’s current spam blocking software.

“Spam control is an exciting and growing business today because spamming is growing and because most F1000 companies haven’t yet selected a solution” said Peter Christy, co-founder of IRG. “But within two years, those purchases will have been made, the solutions will be largely comparable; the amount of money spent on spam will be diminishing under buyer pressure and the amount of spam left in peoples’ mailboxes will be entirely acceptable. In the end people will accept an OK solution, and that fact will drive the prices down.”

The study – which includes a five year market forecast and a research finding showing that 70% of network security executives consider spam to be a security issue and not simply an email inconvenience – found that most companies on both the vendor and the user side of the business are still struggling to understand spam and the right means of its control.

The study is available as part of IRG’s strategic advisory service. Internet Research Group provides marketing and strategy research reports and consulting services, specializing in areas related to Internet infrastructure.

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Editor’s note: Peter Christy is available to provide background discussion, quotes or references for articles related to network infrastructure and security.

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