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Internet Research Group Releases Newest Security Report:
“The Need For Comprehensive Security”

Los Altos, Calif., April 11, 2005 – The Internet Research Group (IRG) today announced that it has published its latest report on network security.

“Modern enterprises depend on applications and resources that are accessed via the network from diverse, distributed locations, greatly diminishing the ability to protect them just at the network perimeter,” noted Peter Christy, co-founder of IRG and author of the report. “Traditional network-specific protection isn’t enough. Today’s network security architectures must incorporate a comprehensive and systematic design achieved by integrating multiple technologies – Intrusion Detection (IDS), Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Security Event Management (SEM) and Real Time Event Analysis – to best defend enterprise information assets against attacks and abuse.”

This new study titled The Need for Comprehensive Network Security builds the case for comprehensive security solutions over point technologies by analyzing enterprise requirements and describing the technologies contributing the most to effective defense of today’s high-value high-performance applications in a complex enterprise IT environment.

The study is available now and may be downloaded by clicking here.

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About Internet Research Group

The Internet Research Group (IRG) provides market research and market strategy services to product and service vendors. IRG services combine the formidable and unique experience and perspective of the two principals: John Katsaros and Peter Christy, each an experienced industry veteran. The overarching mission of IRG is to help clients make faster and better decisions about product strategy, market entry, and market development. Katsaros and Christy published a book on high tech business strategy Getting It Right the First Time – Praeger, 2005.

Editor’s note: Peter Christy is available to provide background discussion, quotes or references for articles related to network infrastructure and security.

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