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Los Altos, Calif., September 5, 2006 – Internet Research Group (IRG) today announced the release of a series of three new reports on Content Protection – The 2006 Content Protection Market Report, The Value of Network Traffic Analysis – The Visible Enterprise and The 2006 Content Protection Vendor Landscape Report. The included five-year market forecast shows the market growing from around $40M in 2005 to almost $600M in 2010. The reports analyze the potential impact that these technologies can have on improving IT operations and security. The Vendor Landscape Report profiles 26 vendor offerings and strategies are detailed. With real customer demand and the initial customer experiences beginning to be understood, this is one of the most interesting segments in the security business.

“Recording and analysis of network traffic patterns provides a remarkable way of seeing and analyzing the operation of a business for the purpose of security, compliance analysis or business process optimization,” noted Peter Christy, co-founder of IRG. “At some point in the not too distant future for most companies it will be literally true that the ’network is the company.’”

“2006 will be a pivotal year for Content Protection vendors – with the increasing importance of protecting content from both insider and outside threats, the potential of network content protection is of interest to enterprises and government customers” said John Katsaros, co-founder of IRG. “Our research has found growing enterprise concern for securing information ranging from customer data to intellectual property.”

The studies are available now. Tables of contents can be found at The vendors covered in this report are: 3ami, Anchiva, Aungate, Blue Coat Systems, Burstek, Computer Associates, Chronicle Solutions, CipherTrust, Code Green Networks, CoveLight Systems, Entrust, Fidelis Security Systems, InBoxer, IronPort, MessageGate, Oakley Networks, Onigma, Orchestria, PacketMotion, PortAuthority Technologies, Proofpoint, Radware, Reconnex, Tablus, Tumbleweed Communications Corp., Verdasys, Vericept, Vontu and Workshare.

The study is available now. A table of contents for this study can be downloaded by clicking here.

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Editor’s note: Peter Christy is available to provide background discussion, quotes or references for articles related to network infrastructure and security.

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