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Internet Research Group Publishes Research Study of
The Branch Office Information Technology Market

Los Altos, CA , February 1, 2008 – Internet Research Group (IRG) today announced the release of its updated report on the branch office market “The 2008 Branch Office IT Market Landscape Report.”

“Branch offices are an important part of an organization’s IT infrastructure because that’s where corporate America meets its customers,” noted John Katsaros, co-founder of IRG. “Meeting the needs of branch office users is not easy as enterprises rely more heavily than before on their networking and computing infrastructures and realize that application performance at the branch is important. Enterprises need to assure excellent application service to the branch office while at the same time simplifying and cost-reducing IT.”

“The 2008 Branch Office IT Market Landscape Report,” describes US branch office distribution. The focus on this study is the identification of the market segments that operate the majority of the branch offices in the US and the overall IT spending motivations across these market segments.

This evolving category of products and services—what IRG calls the Branch Office Subsystems Market—is one of the most lucrative future IT infrastructure markets. Companies like Akamai, Cisco, Citrix, Expand Networks, Juniper, Packeteer, Riverbed, STRATACACHE provide networking infrastructure and connectivity for improving branch office operations. There are approximately 6 million businesses in the US employing 116 million people at 7.5 million locations. This translates to roughly 1.5 million remote offices, mostly operated by large companies.

You can download a table of contents for this study by clicking here.


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