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New Research Company Focusing On Internet Performance Optimization

New Research Services From Internet Research Group Will Detail Performance Optimization

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Los Altos, Calif., September 25th, 2001 – Internet Research Group (IRG) today unveiled its plans to focus on Internet performance optimization. Over the next five years the Internet will transform the world we live in, providing diverse interconnection between enterprises, and with individuals. Improvements in the performance, cost-efficiency and robustness of the Internet will be a key enabling factor in catalyzing this revolution. IRG’s first research and strategy service will focus on the innovative ventures in this arena, and the associated business model and technology issues. Subsequently, the company plans additional services in the storage, application and messaging areas.

A few years ago, the magic of the Internet led to tolerance of long access delays (“the World-Wide Wait”). In the not-so-distant future, delays of more than a second will be considered unacceptable for most applications. The high-performance Internet won’t be the result of faster optical data communication and bigger routers. Instead, it will come through innovative system and network engineering that exploits the best of what the Internet offers while avoiding pitfalls. “The Internet as we know it today is the best of all worlds and the worst of all worlds,” said Peter Christy, principal and co-founder of Internet Research Group. “Compared to having nothing, the Internet is a miracle but compared to reasonable expectations for performance, robustness, scalability or cost/efficiency the Internet is a severe disappointment. The requirements for future Internet-connected systems aren’t that mysterious – PC like interactive performance, robust scalability, broadcast network cost-efficiency. A better Internet will breed many and varied new, killer applications. Clever performance optimization of the infrastructure enables them. That’s our exciting beat!”

While 2001 is proving to be a time of decreased sales and profits for most of the companies in the computing and networking arenas, one thing is clear – performance of today’s Internet is much worse than the sub-second response times that became the norm in the transaction networks of the 80’s and 90’s. “In looking to increase demand, technology companies don’t have far to go” said John Katsaros, co-founder of Internet Research Group. “Speeding up their customers’ networks will be on top of the list and will drive the demand for the new and innovative applications that will re-energize high technology. Today, everyone knows that performance is important but few are comfortable quantifying the business value of better performance. Our goal is to make the business value of performance much more clear.”

“The earlier work on caching and content delivery that John and Peter did as the Internet Research Group played an important part in the definition and evolution of those markets” said Michael Ruffolo, Akamai Executive Vice President. “We’re delighted to see them focusing again on these infrastructure issues.”

Formed by John Katsaros and Peter Christy, Internet Research Group will focus on technology and business strategies that improve performance of Internet applications. John and Peter have both been active participants in the computer and communications business for over 30 years. Both were educated as engineers. John has spent his career in high-tech sales and marketing; Peter in product development and strategy. Their collaboration began in 1997. By leveraging the experience and outlook of the founders, IRG is as much a strategy consultancy, focused on this specific industry, as it is a market research firm.

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About Internet Research Group

The Internet Research Group (IRG) provides market research and market strategy services to product and service vendors. IRG services combine the formidable and unique experience and perspective of the two principals: John Katsaros and Peter Christy, each an experienced industry veteran. The overarching mission of IRG is to help clients make faster and better decisions about product strategy, market entry, and market development. Katsaros and Christy published a book on high tech business strategy Getting It Right the First Time – Praeger, 2005.

Editor’s note: Peter Christy is available to provide background discussion, quotes or references for articles related to network infrastructure and security.

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