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Market for Products and Services that
Optimize Internet Usage Starts to find
traction even in challenging times

Los Altos, Calif., December 13, 2002 – Internet Research Group (IRG) of Los Altos, California announced the publication of their updated market report on products and services that optimize the use of multiple network services providers.

“Given the distressed state of the telecommunications industry as a whole, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that this market has proven challenging over the last year” noted Peter Christy, co-founder of IRG and co-author of the report. “But there were bright lights among the gloom, as the very uncertainty of some of the largest network providers such as WorldCom created a compelling reason for network users to examine these products and services as a way to insure against the catastrophic loss of network services due to either technical or financial causes.”

The updated study, titled The Imperative For Business Optimized Networks; Thriving in an uncertain, multi-provider world, details the application and business impact of the first year of product sales, updates the in-depth look at the enabling technology, as well as the set of suppliers of BGP multi-homed products.

This evolving category of products and services—serving what IRG calls Business Optimized Networks—attracted $59 million of venture investment in 2002, according to IRG principal, John Katsaros. “Clearly investors still hold high expectations for this category despite the challenges of this difficult beginning, as the Internet increasingly becomes an essential business tool connected through a federation of many autonomous, interconnected networks.”

The 80-page revised and expanded study—which includes an in-depth analysis of the primary vendors — goes on to explain that the functionality of these products begins with tools to simplify and automate the concurrent use of multiple network providers, a process called multi-homing. Vendors then offer a diverse set of functions and services, all aimed at improving overall network performance. The business benefits offered by these products include improved network availability, network performance and service monitoring, performance improvement, and significant cost savings.

The Imperative of Business Optimized Networks further details the market opportunity and its potential to impact companies producing products and services in this space. Included in the study are complete profiles on Arbor Networks, F5, Internap, netVMG, Opnix, Proficient Networks, RADware, Route Science and Sockeye Networks.”

Internet Research Group provides marketing and strategy research reports and consulting services, specializing in areas related to Internet infrastructure.

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The Internet Research Group (IRG) provides market research and market strategy services to product and service vendors. IRG services combine the formidable and unique experience and perspective of the two principals: John Katsaros and Peter Christy, each an experienced industry veteran. The overarching mission of IRG is to help clients make faster and better decisions about product strategy, market entry, and market development. Katsaros and Christy published a book on high tech business strategy Getting It Right the First Time – Praeger, 2005.

Editor’s note: Peter Christy is available to provide background discussion, quotes or references for articles related to network infrastructure and security.

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