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Where have you been?

Lots of things going on in our world of infrastructure — in June the battle lines were drawn. Microsoft announced Surface. Apple unveiled IOS 6. Google announced Nexus 7. Cisco gave a glimpse of its SDN plans. Dell kept buying more companies. HP announced a huge layoff. Do you see a pattern here? (Google introducing […]

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Citrix Synergy2012

Wow, if my computer files serve me right, the first Citrix Users’ Group meeting I went to was in 2005, just after Citrix announced their intent to acquire our friends at Netscaler. I was struck then, as this year, by the family nature of Citrix and their customers, starting at the top with Mark Templeton […]

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Overlay Networks: SDN as AND, not OR

Ed Bugnion was the first to emphasize this concept to me. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I like it: it’s simple, makes sense, and is actually being done. Rather than talking about Software Defined Networks as a battle between new ideas and old ideas, instead to think of it as a synthesis of […]

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Small Business and the Cloud

A couple of months ago, I got asked at  the last moment to contribute an essay to a booklet on Small Business and Technology, with mine to focus specifically on the Cloud. I’ve put the entire booklet up on our site for download. The first essay is one of the best quantitative descriptions of small business that […]

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“Get Rich U” — Ken Auletta in the New Yorker on Stanford

In the current issue of the New Yorker, Ken Auletta has a wonderful piece on entrepreneurism and Stanford . I recommend it highly (fortunately for all of you who don’t subscribe to the New Yorker, this is on the public website).

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Google and OpenFlow

Urs Holzle from Google gave the opening keynote at the ONF Summit last week, and talked about Google’s production use of their own OpenFlow enabled switches to run the WAN that interconnects their data centers (there is an entirely different WAN that provides user connectivity to Google). This is bound to cause a confusing discussion […]

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ONF Summit Redux

The second Open Networking Foundation is coming up later this month at the Santa Clara Marriott (the first meeting blew out the obvious conference space at Stanford). I’m looking forward to seeing how things have evolved, although I seem to have been voted off the island for expressing some questions as to how all of […]

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Intel and Apple

Intel just held their annual Analyst Summit, which is always a joy to attend because they are such an amazing execution business run by very smart people. A year ago, they were somewhat in denial about the shifts being driven by the iPhone, iPad and iCloud but they seem to have moved to the acceptance […]

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Apple and Security

Engineers in Silicon Valley don’t like Microsoft, by and large (in spite of Dan’l Lewin’s hard work for years), for under­standable cultural reasons. I don’t mind people having dislikes (I don’t like the Dallas Cowboys, as it turns out) except to the degree it colors their profes­sional judgment. For years, I have had to listen […]

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Sports and Big Data

I’ve been a sports analytics fan for a long time, especially when it came to Bill James’ efforts to create more meaningful baseball statistics. It turns out that MIT Sloan School holds a Sports Analytics Conference annually. For awhile I pondered attending it but in the end just watched the video highlight stream (most of […]

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