In 2003, we notoriously published a report predicting spam would be solved in 2004. It wasn’t entirely a dumb prediction; we had been told by “informed people” that Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL would cooperate building shared reputation systems, the beginning of other industry cooperation against the scourge of spam. Well that didn’t happen (in fact hasn’t really happened until more or less now with new ventures like Agari). At RSA there has been lots of talk in the keynotes about the importance of industry and industry/government cooperation. Will it really happen this time? I’ll let you make the bet having been burned in the past. In the case of spam, what happened was explained to me many years ago by Scott Chasen: “it’s like the drug business; you can’t make money with vaccines.” All the sponsors at RSA make a lot of money helping secure their customers IT. It would be wonderful to believe that this time they will put effort into the common good, just like it would have been 9 years ago with spam.